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15 minutes ago I jokingly proposed the following problem to my team lead: given a circle construct a square with the same area with compass and straightedge. The guy is seriously trying to solve it. I do not think that he is pulling my leg.
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When a letter in a Torah scroll is erased or written incorrectly it renders the whole scroll unfit. But that is only if the letter is unrecognizable or looks like a different letter. Sometimes, when two letters differ only slightly (and in Hebrew there are quite a few letters like that,
consider: "כ" "ב" ;"ר" "ד" ;"ו" "ז" ;"ס" "ם ;"ח" "ה"), adults have hard time distinguishing between them because they are influenced by the context (they know which letter is supposed to be there). So the litmus test is to take a child that knows the letters, but does not know how to read, yet, and ask him.

I know someone whose children are very discerning wine lovers. As they do not care about the labels or price, that person when trying new wine gives it first to his children and judges the taste accordingly.
And the bat said to me:

“Sir. Imagine you are in the driver’s seat of a car. You have been sitting there so long that you have forgotten that it is the seat of a car, forgotten how to get out of the seat, forgotten the existence of your own legs, indeed forgotten that you are a being at all separate from the car. You control the car with skill and precision, driving it wherever you wish to go, manipulating the headlights and the windshield wipers and the stereo and the air conditioning, and you pronounce yourself a great master. But there are paths you cannot travel, because there are no roads to them, and you long to run through the forest, or swim in the river, or climb the high mountains. A line of prophets who have come before you tell you that the secret to these forbidden mysteries is an ancient and terrible skill called GETTING OUT OF THE CAR )

“Universal love,” said the cactus person.
Doubling rates from running a linear regression on logarithm of Ebola cases over time:

Overall doubling rates (51 data points from 22 March to 5 September):

Cases: 32 days, R2=0.981
Deaths: 34 days, R2=0.979

In Liberia (22 data points from 2 July to 5 September):

Cases: 15 days, R2=0.995
Deaths: 16 days, R2=0.987

To put it in perspective: at this rate practically everybody in Liberia will have been infected in less than 6 months.
Только пару недель назад я написал в мейле одному своему знакомому, что я не смотрю телевизор, не слушаю радио и не читаю газет. До такой степени, что я узнаю о некоторых сенсационных событиях, о которых знают все, только через 2-3 дня.

Зашел в ЖЖ, чтобы в кои-то веки что-то запостить, а там - первым пунктом в новостях.

Нельзя сказать, чтобы Робин Уильямс мне особенно нравился. Кроме Аладина, мне запомнилась разве что его роль в Insomnia, где он был совсем не в своем основном амплуа.

Все-равно почему-то хочется плакать.

А то, что хотел запостить сейчас, запощу завтра.
The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green. The people of the village began to gather in the square, between the post office and the bank, around ten o’clock; in some towns there were so many people that the lottery took two days and had to be started on June 20th, but in this village, where there were only about three hundred people, the whole lottery took less than two hours, so it could begin at ten o’clock in the morning and still be through in time to allow the villagers to get home for noon dinner.

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On people

Nov. 19th, 2013 11:28 am
All people are evil. I've discovered that by introspection.
The feudal analogy is taken from Bruce Schneier (highly recommended).

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At least it seems I can get the data back.
Это такое ощущение, похожее чем-то на то, что вы долго искали очки, перевернули весь дом, и, наконец, нашли их за кроватью. Стали надевать и оказалось, что все время эти же очки сидели у вас на лбу!



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